Several Parts of Poland Added in Lithuania COVID-19 Affected Areas List

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Despite the fact that Poland was added on the COVID-19 red list of Lithuania earlier this month, the latter’s government has determined to incorporate just some areas of Poland on its up to date record of affected nations, Lithuania’s Ministry of Health has introduced.

According to the Ministry’s statement, only persons coming from Poland’s areas of Lesser Poland, Opole, Lubusz, and Subcarpathia shall be added to Lithuania’s high-risk list, which means that residents of those areas should follow ten days obligatory quarantine rule or current a negative result of the Coronavirus test, upon their arrival, 

“There are not any extra adjustments to the record of affected nations. It retains the Northern Ireland area, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, which belong to the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in addition to all third nations,” the statement reads.

Authorities in Lithuania have categorized nations primarily based on their morbidity and epidemiological situation into green, yellow, purple, and gray zones.

“When Lithuania is in the purple zone, only the nations and areas in the gray zone are considered to be affected nations,” the assertion clarifies.

The gray group consists of all third nations that don’t give data to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control(ECDC) and aren’t included on ECDC maps or which have fewer than 300 tests per 100,000 patients during seven days.

Citizens who arrive or move through any country which is taken into account affected by Lithuania’s authorities will be thought of to have been involved and shall be obliged to follow ten days of mandatory quarantine, or current the negative results of a Coronavirus test not older than 48 hours.

Earlier this month, Lithuania’s government introduced that it added Poland along with some areas of Northern Ireland, Liechtenstein in addition to Switzerland to its list of high-risk countries, after estimating the epidemiological situation in these territories.

The announcement of Lithuania’s Ministry of Health confused that the decision would take impact on December 7 and all individuals arriving within the nation from the territories talked about above must keep self-isolated when coming into Lithuania.

Lithuania’s administration at present has urged its citizens to remain at the house through the subsequent three weeks, ranging from Wednesday in a bid to stop a surge within the variety of COVID-19 infections with the year-end celebrations approaching.

Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte clarified leaving a house shall be allowed just for important purchasing, work, or different essential causes.

Lithuania has recorded 1,178 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over the previous 14 days, which marks a thrice improvement in comparison with the 340 cases per 100,000 when an easier lockdown was reported on November 4.

As but, Lithuania reported 95,021 Coronavirus new infections, whereas 825 people have died.

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