In March 2023 nearly 2,572,718 passengers were handled by the Flughafen Wien Group and 2,050,536 by Vienna Airport

Passengers’ Traffic at The Flughafen Wien Group And Vienna Airport show an upward trend in June 2022

June 2022 Traffic Results: 3,067,003 passengers handled by the Flughafen Wien Group and 2,400,515 by Vienna Airport – Passenger traffic at Vienna Airport is still about 20% below the pre-crisis level of June 2019 but significantly higher than June 2021.

Vienna Airport operating smoothly – outstanding efforts of airport staff ensure a trouble-free travel experience.

The upward trend in the Flughafen Wien Group continued in June 2022. The total of 3,067,003 passengers handled by the Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) and 2,400,515 travellers at Vienna Airport was about three times higher than in the prior-year month of June 2021. Total Group passenger volume in June 2022 was 81.4% of the pre-crisis level, whereas Vienna Airport handled 80.4% of the passengers recorded in June 2019 – all in all about 20% lower than before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Vienna Airport ensures smooth-running operations despite increased passenger traffic thanks to the extraordinary commitment displayed by the entire airport staff.

The number of local passengers at Vienna Airport in June 2022 rose to 1,775,789 travellers (+233.1%), whereas transfer passenger traffic climbed to 617,492 travellers (+227.7%). The number of flight movements in June 2022 increased to 18,140 starts and landings (+120.6%). However, cargo volume was down 6.4% from June 2021 to 19,981 tonnes.

Details on passenger traffic

Passenger traffic from Vienna Airport to Western Europe increased to 865,654 travellers in June 2022 (+236.5%) compared to the prior-year month. The number of passengers flying to Eastern Europe in June 2022 rose to 223,288 (+158.2%). Vienna Airport reported a total of 37,963 passengers flying to North America (+378.1%) and 20,441 (+314.9%) to Africa. Passenger traffic to destinations in the Middle East equalled 52,536 travellers in June 2022 (+313.0%), whereas the number of passengers flying to the Far East climbed to a total of 9,987 (+>500%) in June 2022.

Passenger traffic registered by the strategic investments of Flughafen Wien AG in June 2022 also increased. Malta Airport reported a rise in passenger volume in June 2022 to 603,532 travellers (+216.8%), amounting to 83.6% of the pre-crisis level of June 2019. Kosice Airport reported handling 62,956 passengers (+497.1% vs. June 2019) and thereby already slightly exceeded the number of passengers it handled before the coronavirus crisis.