Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian delivers strong traffic figures in February 2023

Norwegian had 1.2 million passengers and a load factor of 84 per cent in February. The airline experienced high demand for winter holiday travels and is currently preparing to welcome both corporate and leisure passengers as it ramps up capacity when moving from the winter to summer schedule.

In February, Norwegian had 1.2 million passengers, an increase of 83 per cent from this month last year. The load factor was 84 per cent. Many Nordic travellers took advantage of the winter holidays, flying with Norwegian to warmer places in the Mediterranean and popular winter destinations in the Alps. In addition, a high number of travellers used the winter break to book their Easter travels, long weekends in May and summer holiday flights with Norwegian.

“We are satisfied with the traffic figures this past month, and we are particularly pleased with a load factor of 84 per cent. This demonstrates Norwegian’s ability to offer an attractive product to passengers throughout the year, even during the seasonally slower winter months. High load factors also increase our fuel efficiency, an important parameter from a sustainability perspective,” said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

Norwegian had 1,173,408 passengers in February, up 83 per cent from February 2022. The capacity (ASK) was 1,826 million seat kilometres, while actual passenger traffic (RPK) was 1,530 million seat kilometres. In February, Norwegian operated an average of 64 aircraft and 99.4 per cent of the scheduled flights were completed. Punctuality, the number of flights departing within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, was at 85.4 per cent in February.

Ramping up for the summer schedule

“We are eager and well-prepared to head into the summer. Our summer schedule starts rolling from the end of March, and we are currently busy taking in new aircraft and new colleagues to match the strong demand we see in our bookings. In addition to being a highly appreciated airline amongst leisure travellers, we continue to experience a solid demand within the business segment. This clearly demonstrates that we have an attractive offering for Nordic business and leisure travellers alike,” said Karlsen.

The delivery of modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, the hiring of new colleagues and the insourcing of customer-facing roles at Oslo airport Gardermoen are among the initiatives Norwegian is undertaking to meet customers with an attractive product in the months to come.