Madrid as a gastronomic destination in the 21st edition of Madrid Fusión

Madrid as a gastronomic destination in the 21st edition of Madrid Fusión

The city of Madrid will host the Madrid Fusión gastronomic congress starting this Monday (Jan 23), an event that positions it as the great capital of gastronomy and that promotes its internationalization with what is one of its largest and most diverse tourist attractions. Through the Delegated Area of ​​Tourism, the City Council supports and actively participates in the celebration of this 21st edition with its own promotional space in which it will demonstrate that Madrid is a city full of culinary experiences worthy of being considered one of the best destinations. the gastronomy of the world. During the three days of this professional meeting, the Consistory will be in charge of disseminating the multiple assets around gastronomy that the capital offers, those flavors, recipes, and culinary proposals that define its cuisine, through different demonstrations and experiences to learn about and taste some of the most brilliant and recognized samples of its cuisine.

From tripe to Madrid stewOn the first day, congress participants will be able to hold a workshop on one of the most typical Madrid dishes, tripe, given by chef Javier Estévez from La Tasquería, a Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in the treatment of this and other products from offal with a renewed touch, more casual and informal. There will also be a chocolate workshop on Tuesday, January 24, by Puy Vélez from Moulin Chocolat, the gourmet pastry shop located in the Salamanca neighborhood, and a master class on another of the city’s mythical dishes, cocido, directed by the Chef Juanjo López, from La Tasquita restaurant, next Wednesday the 25th.The elaborations resulting from these three workshops will be presented to a group of international press so that they can learn in depth about the ingredients and curiosities of the dishes. In addition to these workshops, there will be tastings at the hands of some of the most recognized establishments in the sector in the capital, such as the San Ginés chocolate shop and its chocolate truffles with churros or the most Madrid-style cocktails from Chicote and the specialties of the La La La restaurant group. .The stand of the City Council in Madrid Fusión will be, on Monday, January 23, the scene of the live broadcast of the radio program ‘For three reasons’, on Radio Nacional de España, in which the Councilor for Tourism, Almudena Maíllo, and the president of the Madrid Academy of Gastronomy and academic of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Luis Suárez de Lezo, to chat about the great culinary potential of the Madrid destination.

Sea cuisine in MadridAs a benchmark for knowledge and the latest trends in gastronomy, Madrid Fusión has an extensive program of talks and presentations. The City Council sponsors the one given today by Diego Murciego, chef of the restaurant Since 1911, entrenched in the capital as a benchmark for seafood cuisine made with top quality raw materials and the combination of techniques from other cuisines such as French, Nordic or japanese.

‘City of Madrid’ award and recognition of cocidoThe City Council also sponsors the ‘City of Madrid’ award, a double-category award that defends the value of traditional Madrid pastry and bakery and young talent. These recognitions will be delivered on Wednesday the 25th during the celebration of the Madrid Fusión Pastry section.That same day the act of recognition of the stew ‘Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the Madrid stew’ will take place, which will have the participation of representatives of several emblematic restaurants in the city where you can taste this delicious typical Madrid dish.The promotion of the capital as a gastronomic destination in collaboration with Madrid Fusión will continue throughout the year after the closing of this congress in two other of its gastronomic events, San Sebastián Gastronomika 2023 and Bogotá Madrid Fusión./

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