KLM: New restrictions at Schiphol lack perspective

KLM: New restrictions at Schiphol lack perspective

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has announced that it will again drastically restrict the number of departing passengers this winter. This is simply unacceptable to KLM.

Previously, airlines were required to reduce the number of local boarding passengers by 18% in the summer period through to the end of October. They have now been asked to implement reductions of up to 22% for the winter season, which lasts until the end of March.

This hopeless situation, lacking any perspective, has been in effect since May. Schiphol has repeatedly called on KLM and other airlines, and hence our passengers, to resolve this persistent problem. The ongoing constraints on passengers boarding locally are damaging our reputation among passengers who are keen and willing to travel after the extended Covid crisis.

The situation at Schiphol has demanded too much for too long from our customers and our colleagues. KLM previously stated that the restriction of passenger numbers is not a long-term solution, but that seems to be where we are now headed. Schiphol’s newly announced restrictions for the winter season offer no perspective whatsoever.

KLM President & CEO Marjan Rintel

Schiphol’s service standards – for airlines and their passengers – have been sub-standard for too long. This is damaging to KLM and is in stark contrast with the rising operational costs for the use of Schiphol, with increases of up to 37% in the coming years. Moreover, it is harming KLM’s carefully developed reputation, with damages already amounting to more than EUR 100 million.

Impact on customers
Due to Schiphol’s new winter measures, the Airline has no other choice but to further restrict ticket sales. This will hopefully ensure that the airline can minimise further cancellations for customers and, at the same time, remain within the boundaries Schiphol has set to ensure operational safety at the airport.