India lifts 'Air Suvidha' requirement for travelers from China and 5 other nations

India Relaxed Rules for International Arrival

New Delhi, India: The Government of India on Monday (Nov 21) relaxed the filing of self-declaration forms for Covid vaccination by incoming international passengers on the Air Suvidha portal since the Covid-19 situation improving both globally as well as in India.

Also, the covid-19 vaccinations are no longer required but are still preferred for foreign entrants.

“Planning for Travel: All travelers should preferably be fully vaccinated as per approved primary schedule against Covid-19 in their Country,” reads the revised guidelines for international arrivals issued by the Union health ministry.

During Travel

In-flight announcements about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic including precautionary measures to be followed (preferable use of masks and following physical distancing) shall be made on flights/travel and at all points of entry.

Any traveler with Covid-19 symptoms must be quarantined in accordance with established practice. Such passengers ought to be worn masks, be separated from other travelers during the flight or journey, and then transferred to an isolation center for further care.

On Arrival

De-boarding must be done while maintaining a physical distance.

The health professionals on duty at the point of the entrance should conduct thermal screening on each and every passenger.

Passengers who exhibit symptoms during screening must be brought to a recognized medical institution right away and segregated in accordance with health procedures.

All travelers must keep track of their health after arriving and must visit the nearest medical institution or call the national hotline number (1075) or a state helpline number if any symptoms arise.