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Fiji reported 636,312 Annual Visitor Arrivals in 2022

Fiji’s annual Visitor Arrivals were 636,312 in 2022. While Visitor Arrival numbers have improved, it still has not reached the pre-COVID 2019 numbers [894,389] and is 28.9% lower by comparison.

December Visitor Arrivals in 2022 totaled 75,580. This is an increase of 18.8% compared to November 2022 totaling 63,646

Of the total number of arrivals for this year, the highest [78,638 or 12.4%] were recorded for the month of July followed by the months of December and September with arrival figures of [75,580 or 11.9%] and [72,657 or 11.4%] respectively.

The highest number of visitors were from Fiji’s top two source markets, Australia [345,149 or 54.2%] and New Zealand [152,863 or 24 %] which equates to an average daily arrival of 946 and 419 respectively.

For the year 2022, visitors arriving for holiday purposes totaled 519,797 [81.7%], 60,837 [9.6%] came to visit friends or relatives, 13,143 [2.1%] came for business purposes while 42,535 [6.6%] visited Fiji for other reasons.

Visitor Arrivals by Major Source Markets – 2022

AustraliaNew ZealandUSACont. EuropeCanadaGBRChina

These Countries accounted for 94.3% of the total Visitor Arrivals for 2022 and remain the major source markets for Fiji from the pre-COVID era in 2019.

The peak arrival months by country and number were as follows;

Australia – December with 42,304 visitors
New Zealand – July with 25,237 visitors
United States of America – July with 9,295 visitors
Canada – December with 1,602 visitors
Continental Europe – August with 1,599 visitors
China – December with 1,068 visitors
United Kingdom – December with 899 visitors

Visitors by Gender and Age

The majority of visitors were in the age range of 25-64 years (60.8%), which accounts for the vast majority of the working-age population. Children aged 14 and below accounted for 18.5% of the December visitor arrivals; 13.8% were youths aged 15-24 with the remaining, 6.9% comprising those in the predominantly retirement age group of 65 and over.

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