Enjoy the Winter Holiday at Türki̇ye’s Favorite Ski Resorts!

Enjoy the Winter Holiday at Türki̇ye’s Favorite Ski Resorts!


Türkiye’s winter routes are as exciting as the summer’s sea-sand-sun holidays. Splendid views, majestic mountains, and new and comfortable ski facilities invite families to an unforgettable holiday of winter sports and activities.

Snow-capped peaks across much of Türkiye transform Anatolia into an enchanting destination during the winter months. As the winter holidays season approaches, here are some of the best of Türkiye’s leading ski resorts; where families with children can luxuriate in the fresh air and lovely scenery during the winter break.

Kartepe, Uludağ and Kartalkaya: ‘The White Routes’ of Marmara

Bolu’s famous ski route Kartalkaya is a popular destination in the winter period. Kartalkaya, offering skiing holidays with unique views of the Köroğlu Mountains, provides a suitable environment for disciplines such as Alpine skiing, tour skiing, and cross-country skiing with its well-maintained ski tracks. The resort includes two chairlifts, 14 ski lifts, four baby lifts, and a total of 38 tracks with a total length of 50 kilometers. Kartalkaya is a favorite destination for snowboard enthusiasts with its two snow parks.

Uludağ, in Bursa, is the highest mountain in Western Anatolia. One of Türkiye’s most important winter sports centers for many years, Uludağ is accessible by both highway and cable car. The ski resort draws attention with ski tracks ranging from 1,750 meters to 2,543 meters in length, as well as eight chairlifts, seven T-bars (ski lifts), and 13 different ski slopes. Guests can also rent ski equipment and take lessons from experienced instructors. Uludağ, with tracks suitable for heli-skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snow biking at the foothills, is especially popular on weekends due to its proximity to İstanbul.

Surrounded by hazelnut, oak, and chestnut forests, Kartepe Ski Centre is the closest winter destination to İstanbul. This natural wonder center in Kocaeli features four cable cars, three chairlifts, and one ski lift. The length of the tracks varies between 400 meters and 3,500 meters, while the snow thickness of the region varies between 80-200 cm.

Palandöken and Sarıkamış: Enjoying a Winter Holiday in Eastern Türkiye

Located in Erzurum, in eastern Türkiye, Palandöken Mountain is a favorite location, especially for alpine skiing and snowboarding. Offering cable car access, Palandöken Ski Centre hosts the longest track in Türkiye. The region is popular among professional skiers due to the powder snow that offers easy gliding and the steepness of the slopes. The center has nine mechanical facilities with a capacity of carrying 8,100 skiers. Five of these facilities are chairlifts that serve all 22 tracks on different slopes. As the slopes are illuminated, visitors can enjoy evening skiing as well.

Sarıkamış Ski Centre, located in Kars, at the extreme eastern point of Türkiye, invites visitors to a tremendous winter holiday at an altitude of 2,100-2,634 meters. The center, which hosts two mechanical tracks, has a total of seven ski tracks. The average snow thickness of Sarıkamış Ski Centre, which has the same snow quality as the Alps, is 1.5 meters. While staying in Sarıkamış, visitors can also see Çıldır, the ice-covered lake of Kars – another famous winter destination in Türkiye – along with Ani, the renowned ancient city and great examples of Baltic architecture in the city center.

Mount Erciyes:  In the Middle of Anatolia

Mount Erciyes, the highest peak of Central Anatolia, is in Kayseri, near the magical Cappadocia region. Erciyes, easily reached from many parts of the world thanks to its multiple flight options, draws attention with its mechanical facilities equipped with the latest technology at international standards. The facilities, which serve a carrying capacity of 26,750 people per hour, offer visitors the opportunity to explore the vegetation of Erciyes with a unique view. The cable cars, called gondolas and provide transportation between the facilities, provide a comfortable travel experience in the closed area. Also offering a great winter holiday destination with its magnificent weather, Erciyes provides a suitable environment for skiing at all levels with 41 ski tracks of varying difficulty levels. While in Erciyes, you can also visit the fairy-tale winter destination of Cappadocia, stay in cave hotels and explore the region’s famous underground cities.

Davraz Mountain and Saklıkent: Snowy Peaks in the Warm Mediterranean

Believe it or not, the Mediterranean region – the favorite destination for summer holidays – also offers superb winter holidays. Davraz Mountain, overlooking Isparta north of the Mediterranean, appeals to skiers of all levels with a snow thickness ranging from 50 to 250 cm. Featuring two chair lifts, one T-bar (ski lift), and two children’s cable cars, the facility guarantees skiers adrenaline-filled experiences with a wonderful view of Lake Eğirdir.

Located in Antalya, the pearl of the Turkish Riviera, Saklıkent is among the rare centers where skiing and swimming can be enjoyed at the same time. Just 50 kilometers from the city center, the canyon has a unique walking track suitable throughout the year. It attracts snow lovers with easy- and mid-level ski tracks, a snow thickness of around 0.5-1 meters, and two T-bars (ski lifts).

Ovit Ski Resort: Winter Holidays in the Unique Nature of the Black Sea

Ovit Ski Centre, at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains, the natural wonder of the Black Sea Region, has recently emerged as the heart of winter tourism. The center, covered with snow for six months of the year, receives 15-30 meters of snowfall annually. There are also many accommodation facilities on the peaks of this popular winter destination, which is 2,640 meters above sea level. While staying in these new facilities, visitors can observe the wildlife and enjoy winter activities and sports. Ovit is also on the radar of professional athletes and adventurous snow enthusiasts with its favorable environment for snowboarding and heli-skiing outside the ski slopes.