Covid-19: Hong Kong won’t resume foreign travel until outbreak eases

Hong Kong drops on-arrival PCR tests for inbound travelers

The Hong Kong government Chief Executive Carrie Lam at a press briefing on Thursday (Mar 10) made an announcement that the international COVID-19 travel ban won’t be lifted until the outbreak in the region eases domestically. As of now, Hong Kong hasn’t lifted its flight ban from nine countries including the US, UK and Australia.

She further said that a number of people will rush to come back when the reopening takes place. “Inevitably among some of those people there will be infected cases. There may even be critically ill cases arising from the returns, and that would add a lot of pressure to our public hospital system.”

She added, “Now Hong Kong is planning to do mass testing and only then will think of opening. As soon as the fifth wave is under control, the government will have plans or a pathway to open up Hong Kong again for our own people and for international travel”.

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