Beach wedding in Canada

Beach wedding Destination in Canada

Canada is blessed with the natural beauty that makes it a most popular destination for couples looking for a place to have a wedding filled with the aura of romance. Canada with its rocky banks, snow-covered mountains and lush green mounts is almost a dream setting for a romantic wedding.

Canada too has some of the most beautiful beaches. Arbutus Cove, Hanlan’s Point Beach, Long Point, Wasaga Beach, Jericho Beach and Sunset Beach are just some of the spectacular beaches in Canada. With these beautiful beaches, beach-themed weddings are certainly something to seriously consider.

Seeing the water making waves and feeling the gentle and friendly breeze, witnessing the as the sun slowly sets add romance to the air. Don’t get too excited about going to your beach wedding. Careful wedding planning needs to be done to ensure its success.

Below are some pointers you should not forget.

Decide what atmosphere it is that you want to create- formal or informal.

A formal wedding might require you to wear a traditional wedding dress but an informal one allows you the freedom of choosing the dress you like be it sea-inspired prints or coloured attire.

To have a wedding arch, it should be able to stand firmly in case of heavy wind but if you have doubts about its strength then give it a miss. As for candles, do not attempt to have them at all for they will not be able to withstand the wind. You can have torches however because they can still light up in up to 10 mph of wind.

For footwear, shoes are not advisable as they will be filled with sand.

Use colours that match the environment.

You don’t want your guests to stand for the whole duration of the wedding ceremony. Provide chairs so they can enjoy the event comfortably.

If you’re having an evening beach wedding, be sure to have a power source available so that your ceremony can be equipped with proper lighting. Having a wedding in the dark will not be thrilling. The pathways should be cleared of all wirings so that accidents can be prevented.

Don’t have the wedding in the middle of the day when the Sun is at its mightiest. This is not good for everyone because of the harmful sun rays. You don’t want your elderly guests to suffer from sunstroke. Early morning or late afternoons are the best times to hold the wedding. It’s good to have a tent or tiki hut standing by for shelter.

Need any ideas for wedding favours? There are just so many wedding favours that are beach or sea-inspired for you to choose from. Seahorse and starfish frosted glass coasters, shell-inspired spreaders, candleholders with resin shell base, starfish bath soap, sailboat picture frame, flip flop floating candles and engraved rock paperweight are just some of the well-loved favours for beach weddings. Your guests will definitely cherish your wedding with these heart-stealing gifts.

What compliments a beach wedding bride? A set of pearl jewellery is not just sea-inspired but it is so stylish and versatile that it goes well with any dress and not just informal but also formal occasions. Pearl jewellery is timeless and elegant and any bride will look stunning wearing it.

You can find many variations of pearl necklaces. The first one is the choker. It is about 14-16 inches in length. Next is the pearl rope which is about 40-72 inches long. The princess pearl necklace is usually around 17-20 inches in length and is actually great for plunging neckline. The collar pearl necklace is 12-13 inches long and it is usually a strand of three or more pearl strands. The matinee pearl necklace is roughly around 20-25 inches long and is suitable for a high neckline. This type is also ideal for second-time brides. Last but not least, the opera pearl necklace is long enough to reach the waist but is normally worn like a choker by wrapping it in two strands.

Don’t just consider a pearl necklace as there are pearl earrings that you can wear too. You can wear the classic stud pearl earring for the elegant looking gowns and wear dangling ones for the simple gowns.

So go ahead and start planning your wedding set in the romantic spot in Canada. Have wedding favours that will be a hit among your guests and create the wedding attire, wearing your lovely pearls that are to die for!

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