5.2 million passengers flew from Schiphol in June 2022

Schiphol Airport Served Nearly 3.8 million passengers in February 2023

5.2 million passengers flew from, via or to Schiphol in June 2022. In June 2021 that number was 1.7 million, in June 2020 500.000. Without the effects of COVID-19 on Schiphol, that number was 6.5 million passengers in May 2019. The number of commercial flights to and from Schiphol was 36.921 (+92% compared to 2021, +355% compared to 2020 and -15% compared to 2019). The number of cargo flights was 1.467 (-20% compared to 2021, -41% compared to 2020, +33% compared to 2019). The transported tonnage decreased by 16% compared to last year, increased by 7% compared to 2020 and decreased by 6% compared to 2019.


Of the 5.2 million passengers in May, 1.9 million passengers had a transfer at Schiphol. The passengers with a transfer were 950,000 unique passengers, who are counted two times in the international counting method: as arriving passengers and departing passengers. 3.8 million passengers travelled from or to a destination within Europe, 1.4 million outside of Europe.


The number of all-cargo flights has decreased from 1,841 to 1,467, compared to 2021. The number of all-cargo flights was 1,105 in 2019 and 2,473 in 2020. The total transported volume was 116,274 tonnes in June 2022

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